Dorsolumbar Support Brace

Dorsolumbar Support Brace

Armo Line

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Dorsolumbar Support Brace

ARC330K / MP-537

This product is applicable to correct the dorsal vertebra and reduce kyphosis, in traumas of lumbar and throcic vertebra and postural abnormalities.

Dorsolumbar Support Brace

The Armo Line Dorsolumbar Support Brace is available in five different sizes, enabling you to choose the size that fits you perfectly. Please measure around your waist and select the appropriate size from the table below:

Dorsolumbar Measurements



 in Cm      

 in Inches


70 - 80 cm

~27½″ - 31½″


80 - 90 cm

~31½″ - 35½″


90 - 100 cm

~35½″ - 39¼″


100 - 110 cm

~39¼″ - 43¼″


110 - 120 cm

~43¼″ - 47¼″


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Ask a Question


Ask a Question
  • Does this product have the magnets in it

    No, it does not include any magnets. It comes with 2 steel rods in the package.

  • Hi! I have compression fractures in my spine, and I need some support in my lower back, specially. To help with the healing and daily activities. Is this model appropriate for my needs? (My doctor says that I can use anything that makes me feel more comfortable and with more support.)

    We can classify spine in 3 areas as Cervical, Thoracic and Lumbar vertebrae. This item is effective for Thoracic (middle part) area of the spine.
    For Lower back pains you can check Lumbosacral Back Support and Lower Lumbar Back Support
    For Lumbosacral Back Support:
    The item should be used with advice of a GP.

  • Hi would this product be ok for scoliosis. I've had fusion and rods but started to ache

    Yes Dosolumbar Support (in other words Thoraco-Lumbo-Sacral Orthosis (TLSO)) is used for scoliosis treatments. However, we strongly advice you to seek for an advice of a GP before deciding to use. They are the one who can give you the best information about your problem.

  • I have constant back pain because the lower discs have been damaged for well over 50 years. Would any of your braces be any good to me? I have never actually worn a brace before.

    Damaged Disc Injuries are serious problems and individuals should not decide to make a move to cure them itself without seeking an advice form a GP. The reason of the problem or which disc is damaged should be determined by professionals. Both Dorsolumbar Back Supports and Lumbosacral Back Supports can be used for lower back problems; however, Doctors or GPs can only decide if they should be used or not.

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