Chest Sternum Brace

Chest Sternum Brace

Armo Line

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Chest Sternum Brace

  • Supports sternum after an Ghestor thoracic surgery.
  • Enables stabilization in case of fractures in the sternum.


Chest Sternum Brace

    The Armo Line Sternum Belt is available in five different sizes, enabling you to choose the size that fits you perfectly. Please measure around your chest and select the appropriate size from the table below:

    Chest Sternum Brace Measurements


    Size  in Cm        in Inches
    Small 80 - 90 cm ~31½″ - 35½
    Medium 90 - 100 cm ~35½″ - 39¼″
    Large 100 - 110 cm ~39¼″ - 43¼
    X-Large 110 - 120 cm ~43¼″ - 47¼
    XX-Large 120 - 130 cm ~47¼″ - 51¼

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    Ask a Question


    Ask a Question
    • Do you deliver this item in Brazil?

      Yes, we post to Brazil with a tracked delivery service.

    • Can you tell me if these brace devices are adjustable circumferentially for the best fit. I can't see any adjusting straps except the shoulder straps. Also you are out of stock of the medium beige. Will you be getting more? Thank you.

      Hello, The medium beige Chest Braces has just arrived and currently in stock. There are no straps to adjust it circumferentially; however, the item has 5 different sizes which depends on chest circumference so you can choose one of them after measuring your chest size. To see the size chart, please click on the item page link and scroll down a few times:      

    • Hi, I have recently had a heart bypass and was wondering if this would be suitable for archery to support my chest whilst it is healing thank you simon bennett

      Chest Sternum Braces are used after open chest surgeries, sternum fractures and some rib fractures to apply compression through that area. However, I recommend you to seek an advice of a GP because they are the one who can give you an adivce for if you should use it or not, we can only explain you the functions of the item.
      Hope you'll get well soon and everything will be fine.

    • Would this be any help to treat pigeon breast? Thanks

      Chest Sternum Brace is not suitable for treating Pigeon Breast case. It is used for to support chest after open heart or chest surgeries. So it may help you after a surgery; however I recommend you to seek an advice of a GP before deciding to use the item.

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