Deluxe Arm Sling

Deluxe Arm Sling

Armo Line

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Deluxe Arm Sling

ARM301B / MP-323

Stabilizes the arm in the desired position to immobilize the arm-shoulder after dislocations and in post-operative resting positions.

Deluxe Arm Sling

Deluxe: Made of sponge laminated with terry cloth in the inside and flocculent fabric in the outside. Comes with an adjustable neck-shoulder and a waist strap.


The Armo Line Deluxe Arm Sling is available in five different sizes, enabling you to choose the size that fits you perfectly. Please measure cubit as it is shown at the image below and select the appropriate size from the table:


 Arm Sling Measurements



 in Cm      

 in Inches


34 - 38 cm

~13¼″ - 15″


38 - 44 cm

~15″ - 17¼″


44 - 50 cm

~17¼″ - 19½″


50 - 58 cm

~19½″ - 22¾″


58 - 66 cm

~22¾ - 26″


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Ask a Question


Ask a Question
  • Hello. Would this be uncomfortably warm to wear during summer?

    Yes, it can be uncomfortable during summer. I recommend you our other 2 Arm Slings which are more suitable for hot weather.

  • What size is small and medium

    You can check the size chart from product page. You should measure your cubit (cubit is described with an image on prodcut page). For Small size, the value that you measure should be in 34-38 cm interval. For Medium size, the value should be between 38-44 cm.

  • Would this sling be suitable for broken wrist. I am in plaster up yo my elbow and in great deal of pain. I need my arm supported and comfortable' sling hosp sent me home with is useless and like tissue.

    Our arm sling immobilize the broken wrist with two straps one for the neck-shoulder and one for the waist. It reduces the pain and supports the arm in an intended position.  

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