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Portable Nebuliser Machine for Home Care

Armo Line

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Portable Nebuliser Machine for Home Care- Asthma

  1. Features
  • High Quality Product: ArmoLine's new high quality Compressor Nebuliser is manufactured and designed by proffesionals, respect to "High Quality Standards of Medical Devices".
  • ArmoLine Nebuliser is a device that converts liquid medicine into aerosol droplets which can be easily inhaled.
  • Box Contents: 1x Adult Mask 1x Child Mask, 1x Mouth Piece, 1x Air Tube, 5x Filter, User Manual in 5 different languages.
  • Easy to Assemble and Use: Assembling the device is really easy with following the instructions in user manual. After assemble, perss the power button to activate the machine.
  • User Manual in 5 Different Languages: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish.
  • 2 years warranty

      2. Specifications

  • Voltage and frequency values: AC220V ±10% - 50Hz ±2%
  • Power consumption: 180 VA
  • Drug Capacity: 6ml
  • Particle size: 0.5-10 µm
  • MMAD: <3µm
  • Sound Level: ≤55 Dba
  • Average Spray Rate: Min. 0.25 ml/min.
  • Compressor Pressure Range: 35 to 50 Psi (210 to 345 KPa/ 2.1 to 3.4 bar)
  • Operating Pressure Range: 8 to 16 Psi (50 to 100 KPa/ 0.5 to 1.0 bar)
  • Liter Flow Rate: 8~10 lpm
  • Measurements: (L x W x H): 280 x 190 x 100 mm (11.02”x 7.48”x 3.93”)
  • Weight: 1700 g (without accessories)
  • 1x Adult Mask
  • 1x Child Mask
  • 1x Mouth Piece
  • 1x Air Tube
  • 5x Filter
  • 1x UK, 1x EU AC Adapter
  • User Manual in 6 different languages

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Your product will be sent within several hours if you order before 1.00pm during weekdays. Orders after 1.00 pm will be dispatched the next working day. The orders placed during the weekend will be sent on Monday. You will receive your order within 3 - 4 days after the dispatch. Please get in contact to get more information: volkan@medimport.co.uk 


Ask a Question


Ask a Question
  • How long does it take to be delivered ?

    Hello Angela,
    We dispatch the items on the same day if you order them before 11 am. It takes 2-3 working days to arrive at your address.
    If there is anything we can do for you, please do not hesitate to contact.
    Thank you

  • Can you just use water in these to help clear phlegm

    Unfortunately, you cannot as we know. Nebuliser Machine is used effectively with the medicines which are advised by your GP. Also, please take an advice of a GP before you decide if you need to use this machine or anything else. 
    Thank you for your question and interest. After your conversation with your GP, we will be happy to help you.

  • What fluid goes in this product please and does any come with it

    Hello Darren,
    ArmoLine Nebuliser Machine helps to turn the liquid medicine to aerosol. However, we do not sell medications.
    Thank you

  • Where is it made? How often do the masks need to be replaced and how much do they cost?

    The item has been manufactured in Turkey. It has all CE and ISO quality certifications. There is no specific time for the replacement for the masks. You can reuse it after cleaning it.
    Thank you.

  • Hello is it battery so it could be used if traveling or out and about

    The machine does not include any batteries. It can only operate by mains.

  • HI i ordered this machine from you and i would like to order new tubing and adults masks and the tubs as mine has a crack in it, i have had it since feb 2020. Can you advise if you sell them seperate please. I think we ordered from your website. Kind Regards

    Dear Adele,

    You can find the replacement item link below to purchase. We sell the replacement tubes and the mask together in a set. The set includes: 1x Adult Face Mask, 1x Child Face Mask, 1 Mouthpiece,1 Air Tube, 1 Chamber


    Thank you

  • Is it mains powered

    It can be used by mains,no battery included.

  • Is this safe to use for someone with COPD

    The ArmoLine Portable Nebuliser Machine is designed mainly for COPD and Asthma. It is safe and recommended by the health professionals.

  • Can it be used for people with COPD

    The ArmoLine Portable Nebuliser Machine is designed mainly for the patients of COPD and Asthma. The machine is recommended by health professionals.

  • Is it possible to change/regulate the 'speed' of the medicine delivery from the nebuliser?

    If you want a fast delivery option, please contact us via volkan@medimport.co.uk.
    We will arrange the delivery according to your request.
    Thank you.

  • Does it come with the medication

    The item does not comes with the medication. You can consult your GP or your pharmacist for that.
    Thank you

  • What’s the current delivery time for this item

    Hello Nicky,
    If you place the order until 1pm on weekdays, we dispatch the itme on the same day. It takes 2-3 working days to be arrived.

  • Can this be run on battery

    ArmoLine Protable Suction Unit does not work with batteries. It works with electricty, you need to plug it in to make it work.

  • We're do you get the thins to inhale

    Unfortunately we do not sell medicine. You can take an advice from your GP or from your Pharmacist to find the medicine you need.

  • How do I get replacement filters and tubes

    You can buy replacement filters from our website via link: https://medimport.co.uk/products/armoline-nebuliser-filter-10-pcs-replacement
    You can buy replacement mask set which includes the tubes via link: https://medimport.co.uk/products/nebuliser-mask-replacement-set

  • Can this help with sleep apnia and can you use saline solution in it?

    ArmoLine Compressor Nebuliser Machines are desgined to turn liquid solution medicine into aerosol. Please take an advice of a GP or a licenced professional to learn if the machine is needed to be used for your treatment.

  • can you order spare masks, air tubes and mouth pieces?

    Yes, below you can find the links for spare parts: 



  • Hi does this work on its own to help breathe if u have covid or do u need medication to go in it for it to work thanks

    It needs medication. The machine turns liquid medication into aerosol particules (similar to gas form)

  • Hi, how long do the filters last approx because I can't find the info?

    As it is written on the User Manual Page 6-bottom part:
    - Change the filter every 30 days or when the filter begins to turn gray.
    If there is any problem, please donot hesitate to contact us.

  • Have you got the portable nebuliser in stock please - if so can I buy it "VAT free" ?

    We have quite a large stock in our London warehouse for same day dispatch. For VAT reimbursment, you should contact our customer service after the purchase by email to receive VAT refund documents.

  • What is the power supply please, battery or mains? Is this suitable for use in the UK of mains?

    It is suitable by UK mains

  • Hello, Can I use this as a steam inhaler?

    Unfortunately, the item cannot be used as a steam inhaler. Steam inhalers have a different working principle than Nebuliser Machines.

  • Do you sell albuterol and hypertonic saline? To use with dry cough an breathing Kind regards, Sandy

    Unfortunately, we only sell the machine. We do not sell medicines.

  • Hello is this item available for collection as need it urgently

    Due to the Covid-19 edipemic, we cannot offer collection for our products. But the orders before 1 p.m. can be posted with a next day delivery. For details, please contact volkan@medimport.co.uk. 

  • can I use saline in this how long is delivery please

    Dear Customer, 

    As a medical device company,we are not allowed to give medical advice, but basically all the nebuliser machines do the same. They convert liquid medicine into aerosol droplets which can be easily inhaled. For detailed information, please ask your local GP or Pharmacist.  

    Despite Covid-19 conditions, our dispatch time has not changed. We post your orders in the same day when we receive them before 1 p.m. And the delivery takes normally max. 3-4 days. However, the epidemy conditions changed the efficiency of the couriers. We have experienced some delays in the Royal Mail Services during this period. Still, the tracking details indicate that %95 of the orders have been delivered on time. 

  • URGENT have you got any in stock would like to buy

    Dear Customer, 

    We keep a large stock now in our London warehouse. For wholesale orders, please contact volkan@medimport.co.uk. 

  • Does the machine have a battery option so it can be used when away from 240v power?

    No, it doesn't. It can only be used by mains.

  • What if I change my mind and want to return it. Also is there fast delivery available ?

    After your purchase, you can return the item in 7 days if it is not "used" and not "damaged". Also, have option for the next day delivery and you can purchase nex day delivery service via link below:

  • Can u get extra mask r do u not need one and how good is this product

    ArmoLine Portable Compressor Nebulisers are designed best for the patient's need and works pretty well. According to reviews that we've got from our customers until that time, we can say that the item works perfectly and helps our customers for their problems. The item comes with 2 masks (1 adult and 1 child). If you want an extra mask for that, you can check our Nebuliser Mask Set page. You can find the link below:

  • Hi, Are orders still being delivered suring the Covid-19 pandemic? How long is delivery? Thanks

    Yes we are still working so the items are still delivered during the pandemic.

  • What medicine do I need for this machine? I am asthmatic, and I use ventolin and becotide.

    Thank you for your message. Unfortunately we cannot give medical advices to our customers as there is no doctor or licenced health professional exist in our company.  Please take an advice from your GP to get the medicine information you need to use.

  • Where is machine from

    ArmoLine Portable Nebuliser Machines are manufactured in Turkey. And they are shipped to ouc customers from Wandsworth where our storages and UK Head Office are placed.

  • How is it powered

    It is powered by mains.

  • Is this in stock

    Yes, it is in stock.

  • Do I need to buy medicine to go with this device separately?

    Yes, please consult your GP for your medication.

  • Is this in stock

    Yes, it is in stock for now.

  • Is this unit currently in stock? If not, how long will it take to deliver?

    It is in stock. The delivery may take 3-4 days.

  • do you have stock of this item and if so how long is delivery ?

    We have it in stock and the delivery takes 3-4 days.

  • Where do I buy liquid medicine from

    Please consult your GP or local pharmacists for the medication.

  • Do you have to use a medication with the machine, it is for my dad who just has breathing problems due to scaring on the lungs due to working conditions when he was younger. The doctor has not given him anything but hes wheezing a lot. Would this machine work many thanks

    We are sorry for your father's problem. ArmoLine Nebuliser Machines are used with medication. However, we cannot give medical advices and cannot say which medication is good for our customers because we are not licenced for that. You may need to get an advice from another GP to solve the problem.

  • Where do you get the saline from. Would this help with someone who has wheezing when breathing

    Unfortunately we cannot give medical advices to our customers.
    Please take an advice from your GP because they are the ones who are professionals and licenced to give medical advices.

  • what is the size and weight of this nebuliser

    The item is 27x22x13 and 2 kg.

  • What medicines can be used I've a son with asthma and a partner with cold?

    Dear Customer, 

    As an advice, we can only direct the passangers to their local GP as every case could be different and may need professional attention. We are only able to provide information regarding the technical features of our medical devices. Please note that the information provided on medimport.co.uk is for reference purposes only and should not be considered as medical advice.

  • Can i buy replacement filters as would like to buy at least 5 for NHS patients

    Dear Customer, 

    You can buy directly from our website and you can receive them in 2-3 days after the placement of the order. Below you can find the link for the replacement filters: 


  • When can I receive the item if i buy Portable Nebuliser Machine for Home Care

    If you order before 1 p.m., the item will be posted in the same day and you may receive it in 2-3 days. But if we are contacted by e-mail volkan@medimport.co.uk, a faster delivery might be possible.

  • Will you take off the VAT as I am VAT exempt Thank you

    Medical Import Ltd can issue VAT refunds on nebulisers to customers who are registered disabled
    or chronically ill. To apply for your VAT refund, after your order has been completed you'll need to request the the eligibility declaration form from volkan@medimport.co.uk and fill out and send again the signed and scanned copy to the same e-mail address.  (this form can also be obtained directly from HMRC: HMRC Notice 701/7 VAT reliefs for disabled people).

  • Hi is this for COPD

    The machine is designed to be used by COPD patients

  • How often does it require to change filter

    It may be changed once a month.

  • Can this be sent to a different address than the purchasers address please?

    Dear Customer, 

    While ordering you can be give different addresses for billing and shipping. But if you would like to change the shipping address after ordering process, you can send an e-mail to volkan@medimport.co.uk, including the address before the dispatch time, so your order can be posted to any UK address.  

  • Can this nebuliser be used say at night just to improve bait flow to the lungs without using medication with it please

    No, it cannot.

  • Can i use it as a steam inhaler

    No, this machine cannot be used as a steam inhaler.

  • What medication do they use ( inhalers )

    The medication used with the machine changes based on the complaint and treatments. The best advice can be received from your GP or local pharmacists. Please note that the information provided on medimport.co.uk is for reference purposes only and should not be considered as medical advice.

  • Hello, can I buy a mouth piece additionally to machine? Just in case if 2 family members at the same time can be sick.

    Dear Customer, 

    It can be bought from our website. Below you can find the link: 


    Best regards,

  • Do you sell the replacement filters for the nebuliser and how much are they?

    Dear Customer, 

    You can find the replacement filters for the nebuliser at the link below: 


    Best regards,

  • We're do I get the ventolin

    Unfortunately, we do not sell the medication online in our website. Please ask your local Pharmacist or your GP.

  • Is there anyway I could collect this from you. Rather then waiting for delivery. And are u open tomorrow at all

    The product can only be collected from our London office.

  • How long does it take to arrive approx for delivery

    It takes 1-3 days.


    The product is manufactured in Turkey. The size of the machine is 27x22x13 cm and the weight is 2.1 kg. You can easily carry it with you. However, the item is working with electricity so you need to plug it in to use it.

  • Could I use it for a tracheostomy

    Nebuliser Machine is a compact medical device designed to deliver the drug that prescribed by doctor to the bronchial lobes in an efficient manner. It turn the medicine into aerosol for easy inhalation.
    So if you asked for "tracheostomy suction", I think that you are asking for Portable Suction Unit. If the question was about that device, the answer is yes; our Portable Suction Unit is suitable for tracheostomy suction.
    You can find the item via the link below.

  • Where do I get medication for nebuliser

    Unfortunately, we do not sell solutions and the drugs that put inside the machine. Please take an advice of a GP or you may look at pharmacies for that.

  • Do u sell nebulizer filters

    Yes we sell nebuliser filters. You can check the item via the link below.

  • Do I need a power source?

    Yes, the item works with electricity.

  • does this macine help with breathing with copd...and wher can i purchase the solution to go inside.i do struggle after a long walk and at night,,,is this okay for me

    Yes the machine helps breathing with COPD. Unfortunately, we do not sell solutions and the drugs that put inside the machine. Please take an advice of a GP or you may look at pharmacies for that.

  • Do you charge it up and then use or does it need a electricity supply while in use

    The item does not include batteries so it needs an electricty supply to use it.

  • Delivery

    Your product will be sent within several hours if you order before 2.00pm during weekdays. Orders after 2.00 pm will be dispatched the next working day. The orders placed during the weekend will be sent on Monday. You will receive your order within 1 - 3 days after the dispatch.

  • My son is on a daily steroid inhaler but tends to get inflammation every 3/4 weeks and as a result gets mucus he can't clear easily which then makes inflammation worse. Tends to happen when he has over exerted himself or when he gets a minor cold. Would this device together which saline solution help him with his mucus and wheaziness? Seems he goes down hill quite quickly when this mucus builds up Thanks

    ArmoLine Nebuliser Machine converts liquid medicine into aerosol droplets. However, we are not sure Nebuliser Machine can solve your son's problem. So I recommend you to take an advice of a GP because they are the one who can suggest you a treatment method.
    We hope that he will get well soon.

  • Does it come with the liquid medicine

    Hello, No, the machine does not come with the liquid medicine.  

  • What batteries does it need and how long do they last

    Hello, ArmoLine Nebuliser Machine does not need and include any batteries. It works with electricity. Thanks.

  • what are the filters for?

    Filters are used to prevent dust and dirt escaping into the device.

  • is this nebuliser good for a adult with COPD

    Hello, Yes, ArmoLine Nebuliser Machine is good for an adult with COPD. However, I recommend you to seek an advice of a GP before deciding to use a nebuliser machine.

  • i bought your compressor nebulizer ARMO LINE and can you tell me how long does it take to empty the liquid when using ?

    Hello, Drug Capacity of the item is 4-6 ml and its avarage spray rate is min 0.25 ml/min. So it takes to empty the liquid between 15-25 mins that depends on the amount of the drug.

  • How dose the neburlize work

    Hello, The Nebuliser Machine starts to work with just one button (start-stop button). Before that, you need to complete the setting processes of mask, mouthpiece and filling the required liquid medications. All these processes are written in user manuel of the item and described by pictures.

  • What drugs go in and where do you get them? Is it possible to use liquids such as olbas etc

    The product has been developed for the succesful treatment of asthma, allergies and other respiratory disorders. However, we cannot give advices for the medicines go in and also we do not provide these medicines. The Compressor Nebuliser must be used under the supervision of a licensed professionals. Please take an advice of a GP for the liquids you would need to use.

  • Is it is mains or battery operated?

    It is operated by mains

  • How long does it take to deliver if you buy a Nebulizer from you please

    It takes normally 2-3 days. But if you e-mail us, we can post it with next day delivery. 

  • Is this fairly quiet

    Hi, The sound level of Nebuliser Machine is ≤ 55 dBA. So we can say yes, it is fairly quiet.

  • Can you order filter here when you buy this machine

    The machine comes with five filters, but you can also buy filters as well as other spare parts of ArmoLine Nebulisers from our website. The Nebuliser Filters can be found by clicking the link below:


  • Is this machine suitable for tracheotomy

    Nebuliser Machine is not suitable to be used for any tracheotomy suction. It converts liquid medicine into aerosol droplets.
    If you are looking for a device for tracheotomy suction, I recommend you to check our Portable Suction Unit page:

  • What medicine go's in it

    The product has been developed for the succesful treatment of asthma, allergies and other respiratory disorders. The Compressor Nebuliser must be used under the supervision of a licensed professionals.

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