Night Splint Ankle Foot Orthosis Plantar Fasciitis

Night Splint Ankle Foot Orthosis Plantar Fasciitis

Armo Line

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  • This special ankle support has been designed to stabilize the ankle at the maximum.
  • It is highly applicable with serious ankle sprains.
  • The product composes of plastic outer shell and terry cloth laminated sponge pads inside for maximum stability and comfort.

The Armo Line Night Spline Ankle Foot Orthosis is available in three different sizes, enabling you to choose the size that fits you perfectly. Please decide the appropriate size according to your shoe size as shown in the table.

Small 2-4.5 34-37
Medium 5-7.5 38-41
Large 8-11  42-46


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Ask a Question
  • I have fractured my tibia bone n wonder if this will help me sleep better at night ?

    Hello Paula,
    First of all, we are sorry for your serious injury and hope you will get well very soon.
    About the item question, the item is basically an Ankle Foot Orthosis for stabilizing the ankle after serious injuries, however; we are not sure if it going to be okay for your tibia bone injury. You may need to take the advice of your GP or a health professional to see if the item is the correct one for you or not. We cannot give medical advices as we are not health professionals and every injury includes its own details inside so it is best way to choose the item with a health professional. However, we have items that stabilize this area, you can contact us again after your meeting with the GP and we will be very happy to help you.

  • Hi I have a fractured lateral malleolus 2 weeks ago, it’s a stable.l fracture that does not need surgery. I have been given an NHS fracture boot which is very heavy and I’m looking for something lighter to sleep in that will still prevent me from twisting my ankle in my sleep. Is this splint suitable for stable ankle fractures

    Dear Donna,
    Please know that we cannot give medical advices for injuries and we are not authorized to advise orthopedic items for our customers' injuries. However, I can say that the function of the item had been designed to maximize the stabilisation of the ankle. The plastic outer shell prevents the movement of the ankle day & night.
    Thank you.

  • Hi I am recovering from an achilles rupture and I am looking for a product that I can sleep in and even potentially get wet - shower/pool. Is your Night Splint Ankle Foot Orthosis Plantar Fasciitis suitable for water contact? Thanks Nick

    Actually, thermoplastic part has no problem with water contact, it would not be damaged or would not get affected by water. However, the parts have pads inside (the black area) would have need some time to get dry and could be damaged in time. So it will not be a good choice to make it contact with water.
    Thank you for your question and your interest.

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