Portable Suction Unit Machine - 15L / min Flow Rate

Portable Suction Unit Machine - 15L / min Flow Rate

Armo Line

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ArmoLine Portable Suction Unit 15L/min - Item Features


Technical Specifications

The Armoline AL-01 Portable Suction Unit Aspirator is designed for medical usage to aspirate body fluids.

- High Quality Product: ArmoLine's new high quality Portable Suction Machine is manufactured and designed by proffesionals, respect to "High Quality Standards of Medical Devices".

- Armoline AL-01 Portable Aspirator is designed for medical usage to aspirate body fluids.

- For operating rooms, patient rooms, infirmaries, emergency departments, home medical care.

- Device Class Class II a Medical Device (Medical Device Directive No. 93/42/EEC)

- EN ISO 10079-1 High vacuum/Low air flow

- Maximum vacuum Pressure limit (without jar) -0.75bar -75kPa -563mmHg.

- It has a very low operation sound and does not create noise in the environment used. Noise ≤55db

- It suitable for external treatment because it is light and easily carryable.

- Flow Rate: 15 L / min

  • Box Contents

  • 1x Portable Suction Unit
    1x Collection Jar
    2x Air Filter
    2x Suction Catheters (one for adults, one for children)
    1x Silicone Suction Tube(1.5 meter, can be autoclaved)
    1x Catheter Connection Part
    1x Extra Fuse (for any problems that may occur on engine's fuse)

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    This Item Is Not Returnable On Grounds Of Hygiene
    This item is non-returnable and non-refundable on grounds of hygiene.
    Please note, Medical Import Ltd. is dedicated to maintaining the highest levels of hygiene for all of its products and for this reason this item is non-refundable and non-returnable.

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    Ask a Question


    Ask a Question
    • What are the dimensions please. I’m going abroad on holiday, but don’t want to be lugging one to large or heavy. Thank you, Julie

      Armoline Portable Suction Machine is a quite compact unit,  comes in a box with the dimensions 27 x 23 x 25 cm. The main body is 24 x 19 x 13 cm. 

    • Hi I would like to ask if I can use external batteries or any other sources of power to be able to use it for transporting..

      Armo Line Portable Suction Unit AL-01 models work without battery and its electrical requirement is AC 200-240 V, which cannot be met by electrical systems inside of Ambulances or personal vehicles. Power plants (generators) are able to meet that kind of electrical power, however it is not suitable ergonomically while transporting.

    • Will the suction work if the lid is slightly open? So that any gases collected can escape easily.

      Technically, body fluids are collected in the jar, not any gases that will cause any problems. And if the lid is opened, the pressure will not exist so that's why the machine will not be able to do it is suction job. It is very important to be sure that the lid is closed properly.
      Thank you

    • Can I use it if I have been diagnosed with lung cancer

      The Armoline AL-01 Portable Suction Unit Aspirator is designed for medical usage to aspirate body fluids. Please take and advice of your doctor or GP if the machine is suitable for you. We cannot give recommendations as we are not health professionals.
      You can contact us any time for technical specifications of the item or to learn how does it work after you decide if it is suitable for you.
      Thank you

    • can it be used with canister liners?

      We recommend you to use ArmoLine Suction Unit with ArmoLine Suction Jar as we cannot guarantee if the spare parts (such as suction tube, filter tubes) are going to be compatible with your canister liners. All these parts are designed and manufactured compatible with ArmoLine Brand Suction Jars.
      Thank you

    • Hi. How often does the filter need to be replaced?

      You can used the filter until there are some fluids goes inside of it so until it stopped working properly.
      Thank you

    • What is the battery life when fully charged and once empty how long does it take to recharge? For replaceable pieces such as the collection jar, filters etc, I couldn't find these independently on your page and was hoping you could guide me.

      Hello Jay,
      The machine does not work with batteries, it works with electricity.
      Please see the links for the replaceable pieces.
      Collection Jar: https://medimport.co.uk/products/portable-suction-collection-jar
      Filter: https://medimport.co.uk/products/portable-suction-air-filter
      Catheter Connection Part: https://medimport.co.uk/products/portable-suction-catheter-connection-part
      Suction Catheters: https://medimport.co.uk/products/suction-catheter
      Silicone Tubes: https://medimport.co.uk/products/portable-suction-silicone-tubes

      Thank you

    • How noises is the machine

      The item noise level is lower than 55db.
      Thank you

    • does this come with a UK plug?

      Yes, the item comes with a UK Plug. If you need an EU plug, we also have that option. You can just let us know after you placed the order.
      Thank you.

    • I’ve recently had surgery on my jaw and I’ve been left with 2 small holes which tend to trap food debris. Would this machine be of use to me? Thanks

      Dear Customer, 

      The machine may help the suction of the food debris. But please be advised that the information provided here and on medimport.co.uk is for reference purposes only and should not be considered as medical advice. Please ask your local pharmacist or GP for more accurate information. 


      Medical Import Ltd.

    • Could this be uses to extract ear wax

      Yes, it is used for ear wax removal, but it is not as strong as hospital type suction units. Please check the features of the machine before purchase.

    • Does it come with Warranty?

      All ArmoLine Portable Suction Units and Nebuliser Machines have 2 years warranty. During this time, you will have free technical support and exchange right if there is any error occurs on the machine.
      Thank you

    • Does this come with a mouth clearing tube? Thanks

      No, it should be bought seperately.

    • Hi, I live in USA, does this machine work with 110v? Thanks

      No, it does not.

    • Hi doe this come with end tubes for micro ear wax suction ? Thanks Dave

      The item comes with 14ch and 8ch Suction Catheters and the ending part you can find the photograph via link: https://medimport.co.uk/products/portable-suction-catheter-connection-part

    • What would be the correct attachment for ent microsuctioning? A yankeur would be far too big. Cheers

      Dear Customer, 

      Our suction catheters may be used for this purpose. Below you can find the link: 


      Best regards,

    • What quantity does the cylinder hold? And can it be washed and reused? My husband has a devilbiis machine which is so noisy and heavy and I'm trying to find an alternative back up machine.

      The collection jar - cylinder has a capacity of 1 liter and it can be washed and reused.

    • I had a mastoidectomy when I was a teenager (I'm now nearly 40). I have visited an NHS nurse to have my earwax micro-suctioned ever 6/12 months ever since the operation. I would like to care for this myself from now on. Would your machine be suitable to treat what I have described?

      Our Portable Suction Machines are frequently used for earwax suction purposes, but as every medical condition should be considered as unique,  please note that the information provided through our e-mail messages or on medimport.co.uk is for reference purposes only and should not be considered as medical advice. 

    • I know that the device is suitable for ear wax removal. What size tubing/tubings would be needed to carry out this procedure?

      Dear Customer, 

      Our Portable Suction Units can be used for ear wax removal with yankauer suction tips. The image can be seen below: 

    • Dear Sir or Madam, could you please tell me if this suction machine can be use for ENT microsuction? ( for Aural wax, secretions ear suction). Regards Dr. Hernandez

      Dear Dr. Hernandez,
      Yes the item can be used for ENT microsuction. However, please check the pressure value information and other technical specifications of the item before you made your decision to buy.
      Kind Regards

    • Is this suction unit suitable for ear wax removal?

      Yes, ArmoLine Portable Suction Unit is suitable for ear wax removal.

    • Hi Do you sell spare tubing?

      Yes, you can find our suction tubes by clincking the link below: 


      For suction catheters, please click the link: 


    • Does this unit come with all necessary accessories and is as such ready to use? Is there anything I should order in addition to the unit?

      The Suction Unit comes with all accessories that you will need, you do not need to order any extra item to start to use it. The package includes:
      1x Portable Suction Unit
      1x Collection Jar
      2x Air Filter
      2x Suction Catheters (one for adults, one for children)
      1x Silicone Suction Tube(1.5 meter, can be autoclaved)
      1x Catheter Connection Part
      1x Extra Fuse (for any problems that may occur on engine's fuse)

      Also you can find all these items from our website if you need them in future.
      Air Filter: https://medimport.co.uk/products/portable-suction-air-filter
      Suctioni Catheters: https://medimport.co.uk/products/suction-catheter
      Collection Jar: https://medimport.co.uk/products/portable-suction-collection-jar
      Silicone Tube: https://medimport.co.uk/products/portable-suction-silicone-tubes
      Catheter Connection Part: https://medimport.co.uk/products/portable-suction-catheter-connection-part

    • Can this be used for Tracheostomy suctioning

      Yes, Armoline Portable Suction Units are suitable for Tracheostomy Suctioning.

    • Hi, does this just plug into the mains?

      Armo Line Portable Suction Unit AL-01 models do not include any battery and works by mains, its electrical requirement is AC 200-240 V, 

    • is this ok for ear wax removal

      It can be used for ear wax removal. Please consult your GP before usage as the information provided on medimport.co.uk is for reference purposes only and should not be considered as medical device. 

    • Hi Would this machine clear out the sinuses thanks

      The machine is not suitable for clearing out the sinuses. But the machine is used by doctors on minor surgical operations.

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