Portable Suction Unit

Portable Suction Unit

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Portable Suction Unit

The Armoline AL-01 Portable Suction Unit Aspirator is designed for medical usage to aspirate body fluids.

- for operating rooms, patient rooms, infirmaries, emergency departments,  home medical care

- Device Class Class II a Medical Device (Medical Device Directive No. 93/42/EEC)

- EN ISO 10079-1 High vacuum/Low air flow

- Maximum vacuum Pressure limit (without jar) -0.75bar -75kPa -563mmHg

- It has a very low operation sound and does not create noise in the environment used. Noise ≤55dB (A)

- Does not contaminate the environment with oil mist thanks to the maintenance and lubrication-free air pump thereof. The device has an autoclavable polycarbonate liquid collection jar, plastic jar lid with flood prevention float system and negative pressure gauge. The built-in control knob on the front panel allows vacuuming at the required amount.

- It suitable for external treatment because it is light and easily carryable. 

Portable Suction Unit

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Ask a Question


Ask a Question
  • What are the dimensions please. I’m going abroad on holiday, but don’t want to be lugging one to large or heavy. Thank you, Julie

    Armoline Portable Suction Machine is a quite compact unit,  comes in a box with the dimensions 27 x 23 x 25 cm. The main body is 24 x 19 x 13 cm. 

  • Hi I would like to ask if I can use external batteries or any other sources of power to be able to use it for transporting..

    Armo Line Portable Suction Unit AL-01 models work without battery and its electrical requirement is AC 200-240 V, which cannot be met by electrical systems inside of Ambulances or personal vehicles. Power plants (generators) are able to meet that kind of electrical power, however it is not suitable ergonomically while transporting.

  • Can this be used for Tracheostomy suctioning

    Yes, Armoline Portable Suction Units are suitable for Tracheostomy Suctioning.

  • Hi, does this just plug into the mains?

    Armo Line Portable Suction Unit AL-01 models do not include any battery and works by mains, its electrical requirement is AC 200-240 V, 

  • is this ok for ear wax removal

    It can be used for ear wax removal. Please consult your GP before usage as the information provided on medimport.co.uk is for reference purposes only and should not be considered as medical device. 

  • Hi Would this machine clear out the sinuses thanks

    The machine is not suitable for clearing out the sinuses. But the machine is used by doctors on minor surgical operations.

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