Posture Corrector

Posture Corrector

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Posture Corrector Free UK Delivery

Posture Corrector

ARC161 / MP-557

  • This product is applicable to correct the dorsal vertebra and reduce mild kyphosis, in traumas of lumbar and throcic vertebra and postural abnormalities and postural deficiencies.
  • Air permeable elastic gutted woven textile.

Posture Corrector

The Armo Line Posture Corrector / Harness is available in four different sizes, enabling you to choose the size that fits you perfectly. Please measure between your neck and waist and select the appropriate size from the table below:

Posture Corrector Measurements



 in Cm      

 in Inches


34 - 36 cm

~13¼″ - 14¼


36 - 38 cm

~14¼″ - 15″


38 - 41 cm

~15″ - 16¼″


41 - 44 cm

~16¼″ - 17¼″

XX-Large 44 - 47 cm ~17¼″ - 18½″


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Ask a Question


Ask a Question
  • can you wear this during sleep?

    We recommend you to consult your GP for this question as the answer may change for every person and aim of usage.
    As we are not health professionals, we cannot tell you how muchh time or when you should wear it.
    After your discussion with your GP, please contact us any time.
    Thank you

  • Hi, I am a UK size 10 would the large be too big for me? I was going for a medium but most of the reviews say go for larger size, is this item adjustable? Thank you

    The item is flexibly adjustable and we have a easy return policy. If it does not fit, you can easily post the item back to us (buyer pays the return fees) and we post a replacement as soon as possible. 

  • Hi, I just measure myself and it shows that it's 18 inches so I'm a bit confused because it has to be XX large usually I'm between S and M in clothing. Can you help me I would like to purchase. Thank you

    The important length here is the length between start (lowermost) of your neck (the shoulder alignment) and the end of waist. So this length gives you the area that the posture corrector will cover and apply. Please be sure that you measured the true area. If you encounter any problem with the size, please let us know so you have a right to exchange it with another one in 1 week after the item is delivered if the item is not used or damaged.
    Thank you

  • Is this suitable for men over 70 years of age

    ArmoLine Posture Corrector is designed to use of both men and women in all ages. If you have a speacial medical issue, please talk with your GP and use an item with following his/her instructions.

  • How often/long do you have to wear for it to make a difference to your posture, I have no medical problem just want a better posture.

    Wearing the Posture Corrector every day (no time limits, you should use it as much as you can in your daily life) would help you to fix four posture problems. The required time interval depends on you; however, 25-35 days would be enough. And also you should make exercises to strengthen your back muscles. Even you do not have a medical problem, you should seek for an advice of a GP. He/she will give you the best advice rather than us.

  • I have oestearthritis in the neck shoulder and spine which is the best belt to purchase

    We are sorry but we cannot give an advice about which prodcut should be use in which situation, even if we have an idea about the answer. If you can seek an advice of a GP, they can help you to choose the exact product you need.

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