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ArmoLine ROM Elbow Support

  • PERFECT IMMOBILIZATION DURING POST SURGERY TREATMENTS: ArmoLine ROM Arm Sling is for secure immobilization of the elbow and arm after damages and provides stabilization after surgical operations if needed. It is perfect to use for gradual mobilization of the elbow after surgeries and provides the desired angle at rest.
  • DESIRED ANGLE ADJUSTMENT / ONE UNIVERSAL SIZE / EASY TO USE: The movement angle adjustable mechanism, which has one on each side of the elbow, allows the elbow joint to remain completely immobile at the desired angle or to move in a controlled manner at the desired opening and closing angles. In this way, elbow movement is completely under control. It is so easy to adjust the desired angle and start to use.
  • GET HEALTHY AGAIN: ArmoLine ROM Full Length Elbow Support is used for post operation stabilization and injury recovery of elbow. It can be used after inside and outside epicondyl fractures, during rehabilitation process after elbow implant prosthesis applications, for elbow calcifications and elbow ligament damages. It provides elbow stabilization during treatment, prevents basic damages and makes your elbow and arm healthy again.
  • LONG LIFE CYCLE- HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL: ArmoLine Hinged Elbow Brace has been manufactured by high quality fabric, breathing supportive pads and first class Aluminum-Metal material which “DO NOT GET LOOSE”. Because of that, the life cycle of the item is longer than usual and the item gives perfect support with stabilization.
  • The item has standard universal size which fits well most. It has right and left arm options.


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