ROM Walker Boot - Ankle Adjustable

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ROM Walker Boot Ankle Adjustable has been designed to be used with tendon, ligament and soft tissue injuries for stabilization after surgery, chronic ligament instability, unstable distal tibia and fibula fractures.

Please make your size choice according to your foot size.

Small: 34-37 EU / 2-4.5 UK Foot Sizes

Medium: 38-41 EU / 5-7.5 UK Foot Sizes

Large: 42-45 EU / 8- 10.5 UK Foot Sizes

Ask a Question


Ask a Question
  • Can this boot be used to aid recovery of a ruptured achiles tendon .

    Yes the item is used for recovery periods of Achilles Tendon injuries. However, before deciding the item you need, we recommend you to take the advice of your GP or a health professional.
    Thank you

  • My foot size 9-10 uk. with the ROM walking boot, is that = to large or medium? Also do you have to be left / right specific or can it work on either leg

    Large one is suitable for 9-10 UK size foot.
    Also ROM Walker Boot is suitable for both right and left foot so it works for both legs.