Silicone Insoles Higher Arch

Silicone Insoles Higher Arch

Armo Line

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These insoles have been designed to provide anatomical support to the sole and enable even distribution of pressure on the sole. They also have a relaxing and comforting effect. They have a higher arch support. 
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Ask a Question
  • I have flat feet and have tried other silicone gel arch supports. They are good but they are all the same size. I need the arch supports to be just a bit longer. Would these do

    You can choose the Silicone Insole according to the chart below:
    Small: 36-38 (EU)
    Medium: 39-40 (EU)
    Large: 41-42 (EU)
    X-Large: 43-44 (EU)
    XX-Large: 45-46 (EU)